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A Perfect Fundraiser for your Theatre, 

Group or Organization!

A show and fundraising program that will increase attendance, increase donations, and build a list of donors and patrons for you -- automatically!

An event that people will enjoy, remember and gladly contribute to -- not just once -- but as many as six times or more throughout the event! 

My name is Harry Maurer and I am a professional comedy magician who performs regularly in the showrooms of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and I entertain on some of the most exclusive cruise lines in the world! (some that charge as much as $1,000 per day per person to sail with them!) 

My shows have been critically acclaimed by "Variety", "The New York Post", "The Philadelphia Enquirer", "The Newark Star Ledger"...and other major newspapers around the country -- and our shows have been nominated for a prestigious "Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award" So you can be assured that we have the experience and the credentials to provide high quality entertainment that people regularly pay to see. 

In 1994 I started working with fundraising groups in different areas of the country providing entertainment at their fundraising events in hotels and local theaters -- and we had great turnouts -- 500... 1,000... 2,000 people per event!...

How often have you wished that you could present the "Perfect" Fundraiser?...

...But I noticed opportunities that were missed!

Ways that those fundraising organizations could have made a higher return on their investment while at the same time building their donor list and tripling -- or even quadrupling the donations they could have received for their fundraising efforts!

So I developed a System!

 combined a winning show with marketing and internet programs (similar to systems that are used by corporations to increase attendance at their trade shows)... 

...I then added additional income generating components like after show sales, included free professionally printed posters and flyers to help my clients keep the production looking slick, professional and appealing, added customized web pages and social media links to increase attendance and developed it all into a complete fundraising package that will help you to leverage a higher return for your fundraising efforts! 

To set up a system like this yourself would take you months of work and thousands of dollars to implement... 

...and even then you need to find GREAT entertainment for your fundraising event or you will damage your reputation in your community!


Providing professional and universally appealing entertainment


Creating up to six different opportunities for people to donate throughout the program


Built in income generating components to make the event as profitable as it can be


Building community awareness of your Fundraising event


Building your email and donor list for you "automatically"


Much more than I can go into detail here without determine your particular needs

This is a complete entertainment package that will allow you to raise 4-6 times the income than you would raise with a performance alone, and we do it in a number of creative ways, including...

Best of all is the PRICE!

That's right -- "Zilch", "Zada" ... NOTHING! 

You provide the venue, and other than a deposit to hold the date (which is refunded to you in full after the event) -- my fees for creating this entire event are paid from just a portion of the proceeds of the show -- there are virtually no out of pocket costs! 

Fees are paid only from a portion of the proceeds -- NOT from ANY of the donations! (the donations belong to your group - 100%!)

Because our program costs your group...NOTHING!

Want to See How the Program Works?

  • FREE full color posters, flyers and press release and images,  

  • FREE after show products for sale,   

  • FREE customized web pages, online systems and incentives that will increase your attendance and build your email list for you...

ALL INCLUDED as part of our Supercharged Fundraising Program!

Watch this short 6 minute overview of our program to see how we take a winning show and make it into a successful fundraiser for your theatre or group complete with...

Here's What Makes our Program So Affordable!


Professional Entertainment = $2,000 - $5,000  ($3,500 avg)

Email Copywriting $500 per page x 6 = $3,000 **

Website Design (vital for sharing) 6 pages = $1,800

Web video = $500 - $1,200 ($850 avg)

Venue = $0 - $1,200 ($600 avg)

After show products for sale = 50 @ $1 - $10 each ($250 avg)

Printed Posters (11 x 17) 100 = $216 *

Online Ticketing System 250 = $197.5***

Printed Club Flyers 1000 = $63 *

Printed Tickets = 200 = $50



Professional Entertainment = INCLUDED

Email Copywriting = INCLUDED

Website Design = INCLUDED

Web video = INCLUDED

Venue = $0 - $1,200 ($600 avg)

After show products for sale = INCLUDED

Printed Posters (11 x 17) 100 = INCLUDED

Online Ticketing System 250 = INCLUDED

Printed Club Flyers 1000 = INCLUDED

Printed Tickets = 200 = INCLUDED


Prices obtained from:

*    www.gotprint.com

**  www.profitable-copy.com

*** Eventbrite (does not include 2% fee)

Although each fundraiser is adapted to the needs of our clients, the following is a fair market comparison of what the costs would be either independently or by using our "Supercharged Fundraising Program".   

For simplicity, these numbers are based on a 250 seat venue and do not include the hours involved or any of the list building or promotional resources that we include in our program!

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